Accounting Solutions

By freeing up resources, you are clear to focus on strategic direction and core competencies. With BluTree as your partner, you can rest assured when you hand off administrative functions that are outside of your expertise.More

Accounting Technology

Your progressive business benefits from embracing many types of technology offerings, including accounting cloud-based systems. BluTree has compiled our list of Accounting Technology offering categories for you and your business. More

Holistic Approach

BluTree delivers an unmatched combination of services provided by a team of expert advisors and consultants to serve the comprehensive needs of your growing small business enterprise in the United States. More

Working together to make You the most successful!

Achieve more – more profitability, productivity, and personal fulfillment – by entrusting BluTree to provide your accounting solutions. As part of the growing field of virtual outsourced accounting. BluTree is at your service to help you free up your resources and clarify your strategic directions. Whether you have concerns of record accuracy or are hindered by administrative tasks, BluTree can provide you with a savvy team that will help you manage, grow and refine your business.

BluTree helps you realize what is invisible to you along with providing insight that will help your company grow. By utilizing BluTree and our virtual offsite accounting model, you receive the benefits of a big company at a small company budget.

We provide you the capabilities to increase essential business insight, enable new business capabilities for growth and drive increased stakeholder value.

Who We Serve

Small & Medium

Whether you are an established business or a fresh start-up, we have solutions for you. Our team of experts is continuously planning on design and delivery of the very best solutions for your company and stakeholders by offering the following outsourced services:

Back-Office Accounting & Consulting

Controller Services

Large Companies
Needing to Outsource Operational Components

As a large company, the most efficient way to operate often is to focus on core competencies and outsource those areas that divert important resources within your company. We are here to help and offer the following outsourced services to make you more efficient:

Accounts Payable


Accounts Receivable

About BluTree

BluTree is an Atlanta-based virtual accounting firm that offers a unique and holistic approach to many back-end services for both US domestic business entities and international corporations with US business entities.

At BluTree, we aim to be a solution-based organization that helps business owners achieve more (profitability, productivity and personal fulfillment) through an unmatched combination of services provided by a team of expert advisors and consultants. We work to serve the comprehensive needs of a growing small business enterprise in the US.

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